Regenerative Solutions

New Frontiers is a mix of workshops, emergent conversations, inspiring speakers and fun activities, all within an intimate gathering aligned with our mission of supporting New Zealand as an “Incubation Nation”, from which to develop, grow and launch integrated solutions to global challenges.


Daily Programme from April 2018

The programme includes introductions and stories from EHF Fellows sharing their work, as well as world-renowned speakers who can provide unique insights on how New Zealand can lead change. Details for the November event programme will be released soon. 

Sunday 8th April

8:00am   –  Breakfast and Registration
9:00am   –  Pōwhiri
10:00am –  Kai and Connection
10:30am –  Fellow Introductions and Inspiring Speakers (see details below)
1:00pm   –  Lunch
2:30pm   –  Breakouts / Open Space / Roundtables (see details below)
6:00pm   –  Dinner
8:00pm   –  Evening Music and Entertainment

Monday 9th April

8:00am   –  Breakfast and Registration
9:00am   –  Fellow Introductions and Inspiring Speakers (see details below)
1:00pm   –  Lunch
2:30pm   –  Breakouts / Open Space / Roundtables (see details below)
6:00pm   –  Dinner
8:00pm   –  Happen Films Movie Screening: Living the Change

Tuesday 10th April

8:00am   –  Breakfast and Registration
9:00am   –  Fellow Introductions and Inspiring Speakers (see details below)
1:00pm   –  Lunch
2:30pm   –  Breakouts / Open Space / Roundtables (see details below)
5:00pm   –  Reflections and Poroporoaki (closing)
6:00pm   –  Dinner
8:00pm   –  Evening Music Entertainment

You’re not asking, how can I take the most? You’re asking, what is the best way that I can enrich, heal and regenerate the world around me?
— Charles Eisenstein, Author

Inspiring Speakers from April 2018


Johan Rockström

Johan Rockström is Founding Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Chair of the Eat Forum, the Hillary Institute's 2017 global Hillary Laureate, author of “Big World, Small Planet”, and advisor to over 20 global governments. He’ll be leading conversations about the bold actions we need to take to stay within planetary boundaries, exploring innovations in policy, farming, energy, business, and more.


Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein is author of “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible”, “Sacred Economics”, and will soon publish a new book titled “Climate: A New Story”. During New Frontiers, he will be exploring new and ancient stories across economics, activism, and climate change.


Vicky Robertson

Vicky Robertson is CEO of the Ministry for the Environment with the New Zealand Government, and an EHF Fellow in our second cohort. She is leading efforts to work with farmers and primary sector leaders to contribute towards New Zealand having the cleanest water in the world.


Miriana Stephens

Miriana (Ngāti Rārua, Ngāiterangi and Ngāti Ranginui) was born and raised in Motueka and recently won the 2016 Aotearoa NZ Māori Woman Business Leader award. A businesswoman and mother of four, she also runs Aotahi Limited (Aotahi) which specialises in developing and managing educational programmes in the areas of small business and money management to communities around the motu. Miriana will be speaking about Nuku ki te puku, connecting local Māori entrepeneurs with global technology. 


Pekaira Rei

Pekaira upholds a pivotal role for Mana Whenua within Te Upoko o te Ika where she maintains a cultural advisory position on many organisations within the region. Born and raised under her Maunga Taranaki she often reflects on the solid foundation gifted by those she remembers. With education as her passion and Taranaki history her flair, she connects and reconnects descendants to their unique Taranakitanga.


Melissa Clark Reynolds

Melissa Clark Reynolds is an independent director of Beef and Lamb NZ, Trustee of the Hillary Institute, and a professional director in many other government bodies and private ventures. She will be exploring the transformation of New Zealand’s farming industry.  


Joel Solomon

Joel Solomon is author of “Clean Money Revolution” and leads Renewal Funds, Canada’s largest mission venture capital firm that invests in organics, and EnviroTech, with $98m assets under management. He’ll be exploring economic transformation and impact investment.


Kay Baxter and Bob Corker

Kay Baxter and Bob Corker are founders of Koanga Institute, home to New Zealand’s largest heritage seed collection. Kay and Bob have been gardeners and permaculture designers for over 80 years combined, and are experts in nutrient dense food production. They will be sharing a vision for regenerative food growing and human health.


Suzy Amis Cameron

Suzy Amis Cameron is an environmental advocate, film producer, and educator who promotes plant-based food solutions to climate change. Suzy founded Plant Power Task Force with her husband James Cameron, along with Cameron Family Farms, Food Forest Organics, and MUSE School - a 100% solar powered, zero waste school, with an organic plant-based lunch programme. She plans to publish a new book “OMD: Swap One Meal a Day to Get Healthy, Live Longer, and Save the Planet” in late 2018.


Horomona Horo

Horomona Horo is a musician and composer, a practitioner of Taonga pūoro, the collective term for the Māori traditional musical instruments, which include an array of flutes, trumpets and percussive instruments. He will join us at New Frontiers as a facilitator and contributor.


Nigel Bickle

Nigel Bickle is the head of Regional Economic Development with the New Zealand Government. He previously led Immigration New Zealand and championed the creation of the Global Impact Visa. At New Frontiers he will be exploring innovative approaches to strengthen New Zealand’s regions, and co-creation opportunities with the EHF community.


Gary and Emily Williams

Gary and Emily Williams are organic farmers and have designed the largest food forest in New Zealand. They are water and soil experts with over 70 years combined experience, and work at the intersection of food, cultural transformation, community, and economy.


Brian Monahan

Brian Monahan is a co-founder of EHF, technology entrepreneur, and organic farmer. He runs an experimental regenerative farm and an emerging eco-retreat centre in Upper Hutt. With his brother Matthew, he co-founded Silicon Valley software business Inflection and the Namaste Foundation. He will be exploring new frontiers of affordable housing.


Vic Crone

Vic Crone is CEO of Callaghan Innovation, a New Zealand government agency focused on growing innovation. Previously Vic was General Manager of Xero, a cloud-based accounting software. At New Frontiers she will be exploring new innovation opportunities for NZ.


Mikey Siegel

Mikey Siegel is a robotics engineer turned consciousness hacker.  He envisions a present and future where science and technology support psychological, emotional and spiritual flourishing.  Where our devices not only connect us to information, but also connect us to ourselves and each other, acting as a catalyst for individual and collective awakening.  He is currently teaching at Stanford University, founder of Consciousness HackingBioFluent Technologies, the Transformative Technology Conference, and serving on the board of Trustees of the California Institute of Integral Studies. He received an MS in robotics from the MIT Media Lab.


Julie Fry

Julie Fry is a consulting economist who currently divides her time between New York and New Zealand. She has worked on migration policy issues since the early 1990s, designing programmes and advising agencies including The Treasury, MBIE, Te Puni Kōkiri, and HM Treasury in London. Julie and Peter Wilson will be launching their book Better Lives which is available for pre-sale here.  


Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson is a Principal Economist and Head of Auckland Business at the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research. He has spent over thirty years in government, the private sector and as a consultant applying the tools of economics to help people live the lives they value and have reason to value. Peter and Julie Fry will be launching their book Better Lives which is available for pre-sale here


+ Many more!

Join us!

Your creativity and your creative being is a child... it’s drawing on the walls before you learned that wasn’t the ‘right’ thing to do.
— David Block, The Human Experience

Co-Created By You, The Participants

With your input, we will explore the edges of creativity for existing and new industries, through mutual learning and cross-pollination of diverse perspectives. In the afternoons we will host a mix of strategic roundtable discussions on specific themes and ‘Open Space’ breakouts based on crowd sourced themes. Bring your discussion ideas and be prepared to host a discussion. 


A Few of the Planned Sessions from April 2018

  • How we can apply the planetary boundaries framework for New Zealand climate action

  • Māori-led food transformations: from commodity to nutrient dense production

  • Unpacking the blockchain opportunity for New Zealand, and the next iteration to this whitepaper EHF Fellows produced

  • Affordable housing innovations and opportunities for New Zealand

  • Supporting rural and urban women to transform their societies

  • How Aotearoa New Zealand can get to net zero carbon by 2050

  • Capital raising workshops and one-on-one sessions for Kiwi entrepreneurs

For me, the secret is to work from New Zealand, with the world.
— Sandra Chemin, EHF Ambassador

Spotlight on EHF Fellows

The strength of the EHF community centres around the Fellows. We look forward to welcoming our Cohort 2 Fellows, as well as some of our Cohort 1 Fellows who will be returning to the summit. Hear from the 39 new Fellows who will introduce their work and their future plans for creating positive global impact. Here's a sneak peak of just some of our new Fellows:


EHF Fellow: Adrien Gheur of Maloekoe Ventures

Supporting visionary entrepreneurs to create long-term impact in emerging global markets. Adrien's Story

EHF Fellow: Michelle Sharp of Kilmarnock Enterprises

From high-flying corporate career woman, to facilitator of meaningful employment and skills for life. Michelle's Story


EHF Fellows: Bex De Prospo & Peter Randrup of Anteater

Establishing insects as an environmentally sustainable protein alternative in NZ and worldwide. The Anteater Story


EHF Fellow: Geoff Sharples of Clean P2P

Enabling models for equitable clean energy access in New Zealand to scale globally. Geoff's Story


EHF Fellow: Cheryl Reynolds of 3Cs

Building on the success of 11 ventures to create change through strategic philanthropy and social enterprise. Cheryl's Story


EHF Fellow: Sacha MacDonald of Rezource

Matching skilled employees with opportunities in a rapidly changing global labour market. Sacha's Story



EHF Fellow: Sarah Grant of Limited Resource Teacher Training

Creating a global teacher movement for education equality. Sarah's Story

EHF Fellow: Brent Bushnell of Two Bit Circus

Using immersive entertainment to inspire the next generation of inventors. Brent's Story

EHF Fellow: Jack Herrick of wikiHow

In pursuit of a free practical education for every person on the planet.


EHF Fellow: Félix Pharand-Deschênes of Globaïa

Creating multimedia stories to transform our relationship with Earth. Félix's story


EHF Fellow: Dina Buchbinder Auron of Education for Sharing

Using the power of play to form more engaged global citizens. Dina's story


EHF Fellow: Camden Howitt of Sustainable Coastlines

Developing data-driven solutions and grassroots community action to clean up the world’s oceans. Camden's story.


EHF Fellow: Yu Liu (Eric)

Facilitating purpose-led business between different economies and cultures. Eric's story


EHF Fellow: Vicky Robertson of Ministry for the Environment

Leading change in New Zealand’s public sector to safeguard our natural environment. Vicky's story


EHF Fellow: Spencer Horne of Cloudline

Reshaping logistics to reach the bottom billion. Spencer's story


EHF Fellow: Chris Wake

Unlocking the power of data to make global impact. Chris's story


EHF Fellow: Tracy Chou of Project Include

Setting the standard for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Tracy's story


EHF Fellow: James Mansell of Data Commons

Orchestrating the re-imagination of the state sector. James's story

Additional Fellows are being announced each week on our Blog.

Relax, Unwind, Play

At New Frontiers, you will have many opportunities to relax, unwind, and enjoy time away from your day-to-day life to connect with yourself, and with old and new friends. Many participants have found this part of the programme rejuvenating, and shared their own talents with the group as well. If you’d like to run an active, wellness, or arts focused activity at New Frontiers, get in touch with us!


Some Examples from Previous Events

  • Performances

  • Storytelling

  • Sustainability Education

  • Art

  • Laughter & Happiness

  • Traditional Māori Culture & Art 

  • Massage & Body Work

  • Yoga

  • Music

  • Outdoor Games

  • Spoken Word


Shared Meals

Throughout New Frontiers, our master chef and her talented team will be keeping you well fed with three meals a day of amazing cuisine! We will serve mostly a plant-based menu using locally-sourced fresh foods, from organic wholesale suppliers.